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What Goota Ireland Is All About...

Goota Ireland was established in early 2020 by close friends during a year like no other from our base in North Cork, Ireland.

​Our goal in creating Goota Ireland was to find a face mask that would be comfortable for all day wear! It was a search that saw over 100 face masks being tried and tested from just about anywhere we could get our hands on them, our aim was simple, find a face mask of supreme quality and get it to the workforce of Ireland.

​We wanted to settle for nothing but the best and early on in the project we established the criteria for the perfect face mask; comfort, functionality & most importantly a high level of personal protection. 

​From first contact with GQ Apparel, we were inspired by the companies unique style and energy. We are proud to bring the GQ Apparel face mask to Ireland. What makes GQ Apparel unique is they have spent thousands of hours in development and research, source cutting-edge materials, and use technologically advanced manufacturing techniques to make apparel that offers supreme functionality.

​The GQ Apparel face mask range is constructed with a liquid-resistant exterior fabric, and a Perma™ antibacterial interior which kills 99.9% of all bacteria. The face mask is washable up to 30 times and comes with a secure fit head strap for a customisable fit.

GQ Apparel is a company that is constantly evolving and innovating with apparel in ways we cannot even imagine, we are bringing that innovation to Ireland.

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